Invoice Finance 

Invoice finance is a way of realising the cash within your invoices whilst you wait for your customers to pay you. Funding companies will provide up to 90% of the cash tied up in an invoice so that this is available as working capital within the company. This ensures a smooth cash flow and could help to pay bills, invest in stock, expand your business and secure supplier discounts by paying them early.

Factoring can suit smaller businesses or those in the early stages of growth as it frees up management time, removing the burden of running a sales ledger and credit control function by passing this over to the funding company.

Invoice finance is suitable for larger or more established businesses that have their own credit control systems and processes. Both facilities have the same, immediate cash flow benefit.


  • Facility term = From 1 month rolling
  • Facility size = £10,000 to £10m*
  • Security = Debenture
  • Funding within 24 hours

*funding is available for larger amounts on a case by case basis