Asset Finance

Asset finance is a simple funding solution that provides businesses with access to cash for investment in an asset including;

  • Plant & machinery
  • Commercial vehicles, ranging from vans to HGV’s
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Engineering machinery and equipment
  • I.T. software and hardware
  • Luxury and sports cars
  • Telecoms systems
  • Many other things

Rather than tying up cash in purchasing business assets, many companies choose to use asset finance instead and we have partnered with the UK’s best asset finance lenders to provide flexible solutions designed to suit companies varying needs.

Hire purchase / Lease purchase: Straightforward asset funding that guarantees ownership at the end of the repayment term. VAT is usually paid in full, in advance and the remaining monthly payments are fixed.

Finance lease: The VAT is spread over the monthly repayments to improve your cash flow. There are also ownership options at the end of the repayment payment, should you require. Finance lease offers accelerated tax relief and can be more tax efficient when compared to lease purchase.

Refinancing assets: Raising finance against equity that is locked in assets is a useful method of capitalising these assets and releasing funds back into your business.

Sale & leaseback: If a business has fully paid for a new asset and the invoice is less than 12 months old it is possible for the full purchase price to be refunded back to the company, the lender will take ownership of the equipment and then lease it back to the company over an agreed term.


  • Repayment term = 6 months to 7 years
  • Loan size = £5000 to £5m*
  • Security = The asset
  • Funding decisions typically within 24 hours
  • Tax advantages in most situations
  • “No deposit” option
  • Deferred 1st payment option

*funding is available for larger amounts on a case by case basis

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